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The Glass House People

Beth’s mother, Hanny Lynn, hasn’t spoken to her parents or her sister, Iris, in twenty years. But she decides it’s time to set aside old grievances, so sixteen-year-old Beth and her brother, Tom, find themselves spending a sweltering summer with their mother and her family in a sleepy Pennsylvania town. More than just homesick, Beth is troubled by deep family tensions and Aunt Iris’s sudden drunken outbursts. As Beth begins to delve into family history, she discovers a chilling and inexplicable tragedy.


“The book, like glass, is both mirror and window.”--San Francisco Chronicle

“The steamy summer heat, the atmosphere of tension in the house, and the family dynamics are well-portrayed.”--School Library Journal

“Beth and Tom are beautifully drawn characters whose vibrancy and honesty are one of the strengths of the novel.”--Booklist

Early Editions
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