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Paint By Magic

Something is terribly wrong with Connor's mom!  She says odd things, and keeps slipping into bizarre trances. Connor suspects that the key to his mom's strange behavior is an old art book filled with paintings of a woman who looks exactly like her. But the artist who created those paintings died before his mom was even born. Connor gets his chance to break the evil link between the past and the present when he is mysteriously whisked back in time to the 1920s. But can he save his mom--and himself--before it's too late?


“Reiss's eerie time travel mystery will snag readers on the first page and hold them until the last.”--Booklist

“ ...tightly plotted...deftly presents a large cast of memorable characters.”--The Horn Book Guide

“A palette with daubs of time travel, artists, magic, evil, and possession paints an intriguing mystery.”--Kirkus Reviews

Early Editions

Won a place on VOYA's 'Top Shelf Fiction for Middle School Readers'

An International School Librarians Association honor book

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