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Pale Phoenix

Miranda can’t stand Abby, a homeless girl who has come to live with Miranda’a family. Yet she also feels sorry for the hostile girl, whom she hears crying every night. That pity and anger turn to shock when Miranda learns the girl's horrible secret--linked to a tragedy three hundred years old. Fifteen year old Miranda, the extraordinary heroine from Kathryn Reiss’s first novel, Time Windows, returns for a new time travel adventure. This time, it’s up to Miranda to end a lonely soul’s eternal misery.


“Once again Reiss proves herself a canny practitioner of the junior gothic, blending elements of romance and suspense with confident storytelling.”--The Bulletin

“A book with everything a reader wants . . . complex but very readable and discussible….Pale Phoenix has something for everyone.”--VOYA

“A thoughtful and enjoyable book.”--Booklist

Early Editions

Nominated for the Mystery Writers of America's prestigious "Edgar Allan Poe" award for Best YA Mystery

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