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Early Editions

The Puzzle of the Paper Daughter

When Julie discovers a mysterious note written in Chinese, she brings it to her friend Ivy to translate. The note promises great treasure, but it doesn't quite make sense—and Julie suspects it might be written in a secret code. Soon after, the girls' beloved dolls are stolen, and Julie can't help feeling there's a connection between the stolen dolls and the mysterious note. Will Julie and Ivy find the treasure? And will they ever get their dolls back?


“Best mystery ever! ...By far, the best of the AG mysteries! It contains so many historical facts about Chinese immigration of the early 1900's that I learned many new things. The mystery... is well written and intriguing. It keeps you turning the page to see what Julie & Ivy are going to discover next. Grade A”--agrescue

“I've read every AG mystery and this is a favorite. The story was very engaging”--Sunnybunny

“My daughter loved figuring out the mystery and I loved that she was learning about history and Chinese culture! I would definitly recommand this book!”--aluvsag

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