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Violet's paralyzing fear of earthquakes intensifies when there is a swarm of earthquakes while her family renovates an old building. An aftershock dislodges a letter addressed in 1906 to Baby V--and Violet is certain the disturbing letter is intended for her. As more mysterious writings from the past tumble into her hands with each quake, Violet and her sisters try to unravel the mystery behind these supernatural communiqués. But as the girls are drawn into the lives of people living nearly 100 years ago, ever more frequent earthquakes rattle their own lives, and they realize that their time may be running out....


“This well-written page-turner has nicely developed characters, and readers will warm to Violet as she struggles with her fears and insecurities. Recommended.”--Burlington Public Library

“As Reiss weaves in well-timed twists and eerie coincidences that set the plot thrumming with tension, she also captures with compelling insight the changes adolescence bringsto the complex relationships among Violet, her sisters, and her parents. Reiss juggles multiple themes and plotlines with masterful control in this absorbing page-turner.”--Kirkus Reviews

“One of Kathryn Reiss' main abilities is to combine a fascinating mystery with the issues of personality and relationships and she does so with sensitivity and insight, and with no trace of condescension. . . . Her handling of the mystery elements makes her novels intensely readable.”--SF Site Review


Nominated for MWA’s “Edgar Allan Poe” award for Best YA Mystery

Named one of YALSA's 'Popular Paperbacks for Young Adults'

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