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Letters from the past !

I've spent a blissfully happy afternoon up in my garret, sorting through the treasure trove of old letters shared with me by a colleague. Reading long-ago letters between two sisters-- Lila and Thomasine --who were Mills College students back in 1889-1893.

I still have two more boxes of letters to read!

And I went online to the Ancestry and Familysearch genealogy websites and did some foraging... Turned up such a lot about their lives. What an amazing resource. I saw old birth certificates, death certificates... I even corrected an ERROR that was made in the 1880 census, listing Thomasine (a girl) as Thomas (a boy).

And now I feel the first stirrings of story . . . But is it a ghost story? A time travel tale? A murder mystery? A family drama?

Or maybe none of these.

So . . . time will tell.

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