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New audiobooks for summer listening !!!

Heading to the beach or going on a road trip or just hanging out at home this summer? Seems like a good time for listening to audiobooks, and how about my own newly released mysteries!? (As for me, I love getting lost in audiobooks on long dog walks! 🐾🐾)

It was a real thrill for me when I received a sweet fan letter last year from a young woman who said she'd read DREADFUL SORRY over and over as a girl. She said the book meant a lot to her... and she noticed that there was no audiobook of the novel. Then she told me that she had grown up to become a voice artist, and added that if I ever wanted to make an audio recording of Dreadful Sorry, she'd love to be the one to read it.

I contacted my agent about having more audiobooks made of my books (because at that time there were only two available: THE RIDDLE OF THE PRAIRIE BRIDE and THE STRANGE CASE OF BABY H). My agent agreed it would be a good idea to shop the books around... and soon Tantor Media had bought the rights to the audio recordings of Dreadful Sorry... and also Time Windows and Pale Phoenix! I wrote to tell them how pleased I was, and suggested they listen to my fan's recordings to see if they thought she would be a good narrator for Dreadful Sorry. They did! What's more, they hired her to read the other two books as well. So hats are off to voice artist Raquel Beattie for getting the audiobook ball rolling! I am thrilled to have a fan reading my books. It adds a very special 'something' to the story.

And I love all three of the new covers. (Maybe even better than the book covers...)

Hope you all enjoy the recordings.


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