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Sweet Miss Honeywell's Revenge

Zibby Thorne knows there’s something wrong with the dollhouse she bought for her twelfth birthday. She hears strange rustling noises coming from inside, and the dolls seem to move around by themselves. Even scarier, the games played in the dollhouse are coming true in real life--only in warped, twisted kinds of ways. So when people start having bizarre accidents, Zibby is certain thedollhouse is responsible. She’s just not sure how. As she searches for answers, she discovers what she has feared all along--the dollhouse is haunted! Now it’s up to Zibby and her friends to find a way to stop the troubled ghosts, especially the cruel Miss Honeywell. Because if they don’t, one of them may have to pay for the mistakes of the past and the present...with her life.


“Reiss's deliciously creepy tale is a solid addition to the haunted dollhouse genre... delivers a good dose of shivery entertainment.”--Kirkus Reviews

“The book scores, keeping tension high and offering several ingenious twists on the road to the conclusion.”--Booklist

“A wondrously spooky ghost story that will definitely please girls of all ages”--SF Site Review.

Early Editions
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