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The Tangled Web

Julie really likes the new girl in her class, Carla Warner. Still, there is something odd about her. The things Carla says don't quite add up, and she avoids answering questions about her family. At first Julie is sure there's a sensible explanation, but soon she starts to wonder what's really going on. A disturbing discovery leads her to realize that her new friend may be in real danger!


“WOW....WOW......WOW!!!! What a story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have collected and read several of the AG mysteries...this one is at the TOP. I was utterly amazed at the absolute historical/yet fictional, accuracy in this story... I could NOT put it down!”--Historybuff

“My daughter liked it... She couldn't put it down!”--Jete' Amazonfan

“My daughter and I read it together at night and ended up staying up until 11 o'clock to finish the mystery! It was really good!!”--Charlotte

“My Daughter loves this book and said she couldn't stop reading it. Before i gave it to her i read it also, and my opinion is the same! Julie is a super sleuth in this mystery.”--AG Champ

“I read (The Tangled Web) in the car on a trip, and it interested me so much that I didn't get carsick!”--emmalovesag

Early Editions
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