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A Room of One's Own--in progress!

I've been writing books for over twenty-five years...sitting with my laptop on my front porch, in my favorite armchair, at my kitchen table once the kids have gone to school . . . and before that at a computer late at night in library carrels while my husband stayed home with the babies . . . or at a typewriter at a desk in the corner of our bedroom . . . and before that in a notebook while huddled in bed in my rented room in that freezing but atmospheric 18th C house in Germany. Lots and lots of places to write, but I've never really had my own, dedicated home office! No need for violins... after all, I've managed to write a lot of books anyway. BUT the longing for a 'room of one's own' was always there, lurking, sometimes raising its hand in a little wave to remind me that someday . . . someday it would be nice to have such a place.

And now . . . I've found my spot! I'm sorting and organizing, dreaming and planning, moving furniture and making lists. Even wielding a paint brush. Stay tuned...

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