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I’m new to Instagram--please check me out!

Please visit me (@kathrynreissauthor) on Instagram for updates and writing news. But continue to check back here as well; one of my resolutions is to write more frequently. Since my last post, nearly a year ago, the world has been plunged into the chaos and dread of this pandemic, and I’ve been overwhelmed with both worries and the practical matter of having to teach college classes remotely on Zoom while also caring for my ill mother (who died in April) and also helping the youngest of our seven children still at home navigate his junior and now his senior years of high school while stuck at home. To all that add a dire health crisis (more about that to come!) of my own--thanks to a CAT BITE that became life-threatening SEPSIS--I have fallen behind on blog-writing. I know you forgive me! But please check back soon for a proper update. I look forward to reconnecting with you, my beloved readers, both here and on Instagram and Facebook!


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